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The Learning and Development Handbook

by Michelle Parry-Slater

Use the practical tips, tools and models in this book to develop effective and engaging workplace learning and improve performance, productivity and the organisation’s bottom line.

The Learning and Development Handbook is a practical guide for L&D professionals wanting to move away from traditional classroom teaching but not sure where to start. Full of practical tips and advice, this is urgent reading for anyone in the learning profession.

The book includes

  • Advice on how to embed social and digital learning, make the most of blended learning, adopt brain-friendly learning and design more effective learning content for improved employee engagement and performance.
  • This book also provides guidance on how to identify learning needs in an organization, gather evidence to engage stakeholders and align L&D strategy with overall business strategy.
  • There is also expert guidance on how to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of learning, where to find the data needed to support learning activity.
  • Written by an L&D practitioner, for L&D practitioners, this book is packed full of tips, hints, tools and models that can be used to improve both employee and overall business performance in the immediate, middle-term and long-term future.


Book Club

Do you want to hear the author read from each chapter and chew over the themes and ideas with other learning and development professionals? Each month the author invites you to take part in a live event online where she will read from a chapter and open a discussion. It is a place to swap tips, to network, to chat.

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Listen to these interviews with author Michelle Parry-Slater

Here’s an interview on the Good Practice podcast from Emerald Works with Ross Garner, Owen Ferguson and Michelle Parry-Slater which gives you some insight into how The Learning and Development Handbook will benefit you and your practice.

Making the strategic shift from training to evidence-based learning and development is no easy task when trying to create a continuous improvement learning organisation with measurable impact. It is so much more than just terminology. This book helps with the pain and pleasure of operating in this space with practical advice, frameworks and strategies.

As an experienced practitioner, herself, Michelle understands that there is no one right way of delivering L&D but acts as a guide to enable you to find your own way supporting you with case studies, tips and ideas but more importantly that call to action to nudge you out of your place of comfort to deal with the complexity of the workplace in an ever increasingly complex world.

Shakil Butt HR & Leadership Professional, HR Hero

It’s not often I get really excited about a new book on workplace learning and development. This book from Michelle Parry-Slater is different. Michelle has the gift of explaining concepts and situations – especially in the corporate learning and development field – in an easy-to-understand way which focuses on the practical aspects and that is what we all need. This book is an excellent handbook of all things that the modern workplace training professional needs and I thoroughly recommend it to all in the learning and performance field.

This is a brilliant curation of helpful thoughts and sources of information, and as such is an excellent read and resource in itself. The quality content, clearly presented and simply said, is delivered in a warm, open, informative and engaging manner. It invites the reader to learn, reflect, draw their own conclusions and apply the practical content to their circumstances. Whether new to L&D or a seasoned L&Der, Michelle’s book will have you thinking, reflecting and growing as it provides both challenge and comfort around our practice and place in the world of HR and work, and beyond.

Denise Sanderson-Estcourt Head of People at Open Data Institute

Organizations are looking for tangible ways to engage and develop their employees. Michelle Parry-Slater has created a handbook that brings L&D to life with a mix of being practical, strategic and accessible for one and all. Her work is relevant to all organizations and industries. It will be a fixture in my HR/Business quiver!!

Steve Browne VP of Human Resources, LaRosa’s, Inc

In our fast-changing world the facilitation of engaging and effective learning requires a radical new foundation. Based on a depth of practical experience, this book defines a toolkit of strategies and tactics that now underpin successful organisational learning. Sound theory mixed with innovative practice makes this a must-read for those serious about impactful learning.

Andy Lancaster Head of Learning, CIPD

An eminently useful guide, based on practical experience, and supported by research, this is a great handbook for any L&D practitioner looking to move beyond the traditional classroom delivery model.

Donald H Taylor Chair, Learning and Performance Institute

Michelle has been there, she’s got a whole collection of tee-shirts and in this book she generously shares her extensive experience of what needs doing to modernise learning and make L&D more effective in organisations. As I read her words, I could hear her voice – it felt like she was sitting beside me as my personal coach. From the not inconsiderable #NoPlasters campaign, she has created a no nonsense treasure trove of practical ideas, advice, action plans and tips, with case studies to give meaning to what’s been achieved. Following her own advice, she includes plenty of reflection and gives the reader the confidence and encouragement to try things out for themselves. There is only one Michelle but if you invest in this book you’ll have her on your team and she’ll help you fly! 

Joan Keevill Chair, eLearning Network

I alternate between being an ice-skating and deep-sea diving type of reader and this handbook caters to both. I found that the short vs long read format makes it easy to get the information I need, in the way I need it. Not a book to be wasted sitting on a shelf, this will be a ‘go-to’ for me!

Amelia Clark L&D Practitioner

Michelle writes with complete commitment to helping L&D people achieve efficient, effective, engaging and enjoyable learning and development experiences irrespective of size of department or organisation. The superb ‘short read’ at the start of every chapter makes it easy to get key information before deciding if you need to go deeper – perfect for busy professionals. This should be within arm’s reach of every L&D practitioner who is serious about modernising learning and aligning it with business strategy. 

Jessica Chivers The Talent Keeper Specialists

I was hooked on Michelle’s insights on the world of L&D when I followed her daily #NoPlasters tweets.  This book is a long overdue evolution of that series and takes it to whole other level.  There is so much I love about this book, the structure is genius, the honesty of Michelle’s experience and the drive to share her learning about learning with others for starters. She really shows in this book the level of depth and breadth of this wonderful world of learning and development. It does not matter if you are starting out in your career of this amazing profession or have years and years of experience there is something for everyone in this.  And the reading lists in every chapter will take you further on an amazing learning adventure.  It IS a page turner. 

David Hayden Co-author of 'Learning and Development in the Workplace', CIPD

I expected great things when I heard that Michelle was writing The Learning and Development Handbook and I wasn’t disappointed. Insightful, informative and brilliantly structured, Michelle really walks her talk as a Learning and Development practitioner making every chapter easy to absorb, learn from and relate to. Many handbooks can be dry tomes but this is definitely not one of them, I highly recommend this as a worthwhile read for anyone in business.

Lucinda Carney Author of 'How to be a Change Superhero', host of the HR Uprising Podcast and CEO, Actus Software

This is THE handbook that you need to read if you’re in L&D or any leadership or management role in your organisation. It stimulates the creative juices to consider what could be next to help reach your vision. Jammed packed with the practical, no-nonsense we’ve come to expect from Michelle, invest in this resource to level up your thinking in this space.

Amy Brann Author of 'Engaged', 'Make Your Brain Work' & 'Neuroscience for Coaches', Synaptic Potential